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Life Skills Coaching for Children

Taking Steps in the Right Direction

Life skills coaching means giving a child a well-rounded framework for success. At Tutors On the Go, we strive to equip each child with the tools and self esteem necessary for a successful future that can be rich with competition and challenge. Our Tutors and Coaches are committed to increasing each child’s potential and fulfilling dreams. While that can mean improving reading, writing and math skills, it also involves helping a child improve physical well-being and overall life strategies.

For example, our Tutors not only help children with schoolwork, but instill a love of learning and offer tools to maintain success. So teaching organizational skills and explaining the importance of education are part of the equation.

Life Coach

We also can help a child improve volleyball, golf, swimming, basketball, musical skills and more – physical and fine arts talents that mold a well-rounded person. As you know, sometimes it is more productive for a child to have a neutral party assist with these developmental skills rather than a parent. If your child needs help in these areas, our list of qualified, skilled Tutors and Coaches are available to you.

Behavioral Concerns

We know that confidence gained through these basic life skills is essential to every child’s well-being. But a child’s success may depend on even more than that. Behavioral issues and disorders may be a concern if your child is not reaching his or her full potential.

To help you assess your child’s needs, our staff includes Dr. Charles Herlihy, a board certified physician who specializes in behavioral medicine. Dr. Herlihy has enjoyed 26 years of clinical work and is currently affiliated with two local hospitals. Dr. Herlihy is available for consultation regarding individualized educational and behavioral programs.

“As a Physician and a father, I know learning is often a complex process. It involves biological, psychological and social success.”
Dr. Charles Herlihy

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